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The BOSS                                   album                   packs punchy, guitar-driven songs with sweet vocals and sharp lyrics.


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Flower Head2 Crop

What have people said about him?

"At times lyrically acerbic (think of

the best work of another spectacled son of Liverpool), though never cynical." -


About his song "The Sun Is Cracking The Flags":

"Love it!" - CINDY WILSON, B52's

"Nice production!" - MIKE NESMITH

"I love it! Who is this guy?" - JESSICA HARPER

James' music is effortlessly uplifting, fashioned around exceptional guitar playing, intelligent lyrics and precise vocals. His new work recalls the best of Merseybeat (The Beatles, The Big Three), late 70's New Wave (Squeeze, The Pretenders, Nick Lowe) - even a British take on artists such as Weezer, Blink 182 and Adrian Belew.

James is rightly excited about "Pluck". Back to recording after 10 years away working, writing & bringing up a family, it's crammed with finely constructed songs, focused arrangements and feisty production - the classic, guitar-pop album he has always wanted to make.

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