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PLUCK KITCHEN - A short film about gang mentality, containing graphic depictions of sickening violence. What possesses people to act in this grotesque manner? Certain viewers may find some of these scenes rather upsetting. The background music accompanying this mayhem is comprised of tiny, stitched-together excerpts from the "Pluck" album. This medley seems to successfully capture the angst of the oppressed lead character who, thankfully, finishes the movie by taking everything with a pinch of himself.

The cover art you see opposite was drawn by the world-renowned bass player and one-time, pop star member of Kajagoogoo NICK BEGGS. The drawing was taken from the photograph you will have seen right at the beginning of my Pluck Challenge series. In my opinion, Nick did an amazing job. I knew his music work from Ellis, Beggs & Howard to his associations with the likes of Steve Hackett and Steven Wilson and I'd met him previously on a couple of occasions. I found him to be a really approachable, easy going person, so I was delighted when he decided to accept this commission. He produced exactly what I was looking for.

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